Find Website Bugs Before Your Users

Find Website Bugs Before Your Users

Fixing your existing websites coding to remain compatible with changing plugins and designs can be a huge time sink if you don’t have the resources in place to track what is happening. Even a simple update to a single plugin or theme update could potentially tank your website for users and derail valuable conversions. This means you could potentially be missing out on sales and not getting the revenue for your business that you should be. For this reason, finding website bugs before your users can is more important than it has ever been before.

While you could take the time to create a help desk system for your website that allows users to report any bugs they are finding, this is terribly inefficient and can lead to a loss of valuable time and resources that could be focused elsewhere. Your website’s typical visitor won’t have the technical knowledge needed to diagnose your website’s problems, leading to potential rabbit holes that may not even lead to the problem that is occurring. If this sounds like a common problem for you, what if we told you there was an easy way to find website bugs before your users and correct them before they became a problem?

Site Health Monitoring is a real-time error monitoring plugin for a wide variety of CMS platforms that can help identify website bugs as soon as they happen. No matter how severe or minor the error your website receives is, you will have the knowledge needed to fix the problem or relay the information to your webmaster for assistance. This ensures that you are able to return your website functionality to normal and address any website bugs that may arise.

We have taken great care to develop Site Health to be used on a wide variety of platforms. If you are currently using WordPress, the Site Health WordPress Plugin can be easily installed from the plugin database. Once installed and set up, we can begin providing website error monitoring to ensure your website is ready for any changes that may arise and affect the performance of your website.

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