Common WordPress Errors That Can Affect Your Website

Common WordPress Errors That Can Affect Your Website

As a free content management system, WordPress has allowed countless businesses to easily and quickly create their own unique website. However, because the platform is used for a wide variety of purposes, it’s possible that your website may encounter unforeseen errors over time. These are the most common WordPress errors that webmasters may run into and how they can affect your website’s performance for users.

Internal Server Error

The 500 Internal Server Error will occur when something goes wrong but your server isn’t able to identify what caused the problem. There are many different reasons that this error can occur, but will commonly be attributed to a plugin problem or incompatibility that occurred after an update. However, in some cases, it may be an error that occurred through your host that will need to be fixed by your provider.

Database Connection Error

If you receive an error establishing a database connection on WordPress, the CMS is unable to connect to your website’s database. This means that all of your website’s content, including pages and posts, are unavailable and your site is down. In many cases, this is a problem when faulty credentials are found in wp-config.php but could also be a problem originating from your hosting provider.

White Screen of Death

While typically a nerve-wracking experience, the white screen of death, or WSOD, is a common WordPress Error. When this error occurs your page or entire website will load only to show a white screen with no content available. There are many different individual areas that can contribute to this problem even though no error message is available to identify the issue.

While this is just a small sample of the errors that can occur on your website, there are many easy solutions available to remedy them. If you are experiencing any of these common WordPress errors on your website, we encourage you to seek the assistant of your webmaster or refer to the solutions available in the WordPress Codex.

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