Common WordPress Errors That Can Affect Your Website

Common WordPress Errors That Can Affect Your Website

As a free content management system, WordPress has allowed countless businesses to easily and quickly create their own unique website. However, because the platform is used for a wide variety of purposes, it’s possible that your website may encounter unforeseen errors over time. These are the most common WordPress errors that webmasters may run into and how they can affect your website’s performance for users.

Find Website Bugs Before Your Users

Find Website Bugs Before Your Users

Fixing your existing websites coding to remain compatible with changing plugins and designs can be a huge time sink if you don’t have the resources in place to track what is happening. Even a simple update to a single plugin or theme update could potentially tank your website for users and derail valuable conversions. This means you could potentially be missing out on sales and not getting the revenue for your business that you should be. For this reason, finding website bugs before your users can is more important than it has ever been before.

Why Is Website Error Monitoring Important?

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If your website doesn’t work as intended, you likely are experiencing high bounce rates that are hurting your search engine ranking position. Even worse, potential conversions or important sales could be slipping through the cracks as users struggle to make it past the errors your website gives them. For this reason, it is important to have website error monitoring in place to not only detect issues but fix them whenever they arise.

The Importance Of Updating WordPress


WordPress is easily one of the most used content management systems. It’s easy installation and management makes it perfect for a beginner website, while the unlimited plug-ins make it usable for even the most experienced webmaster. Content management systems and plugins will occasionally roll out updates to improve security or functionality.

Site Health Monitoring

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With the wide variety of web browsers available, how do you know your website is consistently providing an optimal experience for your visitors? Nearly 80% of web users use Google’s Chrome browser to access their favorite websites and shop online, followed closely by Firefox with 13% of all browser usage. Expand this to the operating system they are using, macOS or any version of Windows, and these aspects of your web traffic start to take a new importance.